"Skills for life"
"Skills for Life" emphasises both the importance of teaching new drivers
safe driving skills, as well as the life-time benefits that professional driving
instruction provides.

The consequences of poor driving can be deadly. Inexperienced drivers are urged
to combine professional driving instruction from
Hill Start Driving, with plenty of
practice with a Qualified Supervising Driver.

If you would like more information on anything to do with getting your licence, visit

Mark Hill is an Accredited Examiner on behalf of the S.A. Government, Dept for
Transport Energy and Infrastructure. John Hawke is a Licensed Motor Driving
Instructor with many years of training experience.
Immediate bookings can be made with either of the Instructors by phoning
0409 678 022
Members of the Australian Driver Trainers
Association (SA)
Mark Hill
MDI Licence No. E92033
John Hawke
MDI Licence No. 619904