Common Questions

Q.  My Son/Daughter has just got their L's, what should I do now?
A.  If you have had your full licence for at least two years, you qualify as a 'supervising driver' and should try to find time
to show your child the basics of safe driving. This may be daunting at first, so find a quiet back road or street and start
from basics if necessary. Combining your time with professional instruction will allow your child to slowly develop safe
driving techniques to give them the confidence to become a safe driver. You would also benefit from the information on

Q.  I don't want to pass on any of my bad driving habits or teach my child incorrectly. What should I do?
A.  Your role as your child's supervising driver is to allow them the opportunity to develop basic familiarisation with the
vehicle, and allow them the opportunity to practice what they learn during professional driving lessons.
Hill Start Driving
will quickly correct any bad habits they may have developed. It is important that you allow your child the opportunity to
practice. In any case they must have logged 75 hours, incl. 15 hours at night driving before qualifying for their 'P's'.

Q.  How do I book a lesson?
A.  Call Mark on 0409-678-022 to arrange a suitable time. Lessons can be booked and taken any time, including office
hours, after hours, and weekends. You may also nominate the preferred instructor if you have one. It would be great if
you have some idea of which option you prefer your child undertakes to get the Certificate of Competency - either VORT
or CBT & A. Both options are explained in the Driving Companion, however you may like to discuss the two options on
the phone to help decide.

Q. How much do lessons cost?
A. Professional driving lessons for VORT or CBT & A cost $80 per hour, or $110 for a 90 minute lesson (recommended).
A VORT will cost $230 including the Transport SA booking fee and a 30 minute lesson beforehand.

Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?
A.  Cash or cheque at the time of the session. Cheques can be made payable to 'Hill Start Driving' or the individual
driving instructor.

Q.  What should I bring to the session?
A.  You must bring your current Learners Permit and your 'Driving Companion' book if undertaking the CBT ('Log Book')
training or wanting the hours recorded as part of your driving time. The training fee is also payable at the time of your

Q.  Is the Hill Start Driving training vehicle automatic or manual?
A.  Mark has a 2002 Mitsubishi Magna and John also has a Mitsubishi Magna. Both vehicles have automatic
transmission, passenger side brake pedals and are air-conditioned.

Q.  Should I do the CBT & A (Log Book) or a VORT (vehicle on-road test) to get my P's?
A.   There are pro's and con's for each option, and each is outlined in your 'Driving Companion' book. CBT & A (which
stands for
'Competency Based Training and Assessment' and formerly referred to as 'log book') is the preferred option
to obtain your 'P's' as suggested by Transport SA in the latest 'Driving Companion'. You should read this before making
your own decision. Generally the CBT & A takes longer as it provides greater skill development. It is more thorough and
arguably less stressful during the assessment phase. The major difference is the assessment of each option with the
'VORT' offering no second chances on the day. If you are still unsure which method will be best for you, the Instructor
could advise you after your first session.

Q.  How many lessons will it take to get my Provisional (P1) licence?
A.  This will depend on your existing ability to control a vehicle, how quickly you can learn new skills and how much
practice you get between lessons. There is generally a minimum of two to three training sessions to ensure the driver
has a firm grasp of safe driving techniques and is proficient at the five slow speed manoeuvres before they attempt a
VORT. CBT takes about twice as long as there is more to learn and it is assessed differently.

Q.  Is the training vehicle covered by insurance?
A.  All training vehicles are fully insured for property damage, 3rd party bodily injury, private indemnity and public liability.
( ** You should add your learning driver's name to your family vehicle insurance policy to cover for any accidental
damage which may occur while they are driving.** )

Q. How can I get maximum benefit from each lesson?
A.  Sessions spaced a week apart with as much practice as possible between sessions is best. You can also benefit by
reading the literature provided by
Hill Start Driving and Transport S.A.

Q.  Can I cancel a lesson?
A.  Yes, and as much notice as possible is appreciated. Generally a fee of $25 is charged for a 'no show', so phone or
SMS if you will not be able to make it!

Q.  How will the changes on 24th July, 2014 affect me?
A.  Visit for all the answers, including information on the high-powered vehicle ban!