Driver Awareness Course
'Roadsafe Australia' were authorised providers of Driver Awareness Courses. Roadsafe Australia
Hill Start Driving had a strategic alliance for the training of the Graduated Licence Scheme's
Driver Awareness Course. Roadsafe Australia is no longer the authorised Government provider
of Driver Awareness Courses. Contact Transport SA for up-do-date details of these courses.
Excerpt from "My License Rules!" New Rules for L and P drivers from 31 October 2005.
The Graduated Licensing Scheme
. Government of South Australia 2005
"If, while on your P1 licence, you incur between one and three demerit points (without
disqualification) you can progress to P2 after one year provided you successfully complete a
Driver Awareness Course and pass the Hazard Perception Test.

The Driver Awareness Course consists of Theoretical and practical components spread over a
tutorial duration of eight hours."