Getting your L's
Getting your L's

Your first step is to purchase "The Drivers Handbook" and study it thoroughly. The Drivers Handbook is available at  
Newsagent's, Transport S.A. Customer Service Centres or Service SA Agencies (there's one in Clare now!) You must be
16 years or older to sit for the
Learners Permit Theory Test.

The Theory Test is based on the road rules and road safety topics and can be taken at an authorised Customer Service
Centre before 4:15pm. The test can also be taken at the Service SA Rural Agency on Old North Road, Clare, by
appointment. The Clare Agency of Service SA is open Monday to Friday, 10.30 am to 2.30 pm and their phone number is
8842 2072.   Its not an easy test, so read up and be prepared.

     To practice the Learner Theory Test  -
Click here.

Last I heard it cost $32, and tends to go up every year. You should take your Birth Certificate, Proof of Identity (eg.
Photographic student identification card) and proof of address. If using a bank statement for proof of address there is
another form that needs to be filled out by the bank as well!

Once you pass the Learners Permit Theory Test, you will be issued with a Learners Permit for a further fee of about
$56.This lasts for 2 years and if you let it lapse you will have to re-sit the test, so don't forget to renew it if taking longer
than 2 years to get your 'Ps'.

You can then begin driving a 'C' class motor vehicle under the supervision of a Qualified Supervising driver (someone
who has held a Full Licence for at least 2 years and must not have been disqualified in the previous 2 years).

More information about the Learner's stage is available by clicking