Getting your P's
Getting your P's

You are required to complete a log book (the green section of 'The Driving Companion' normally provided on attaining
your 'Ls'). The entries in the Logbook need to be signed by a Qualified Supervising Driver, confirming they have
supervised your driving. You must ensure these log book entries are complete and tallied up prior to attending a
Customer Service Centre to get your 'P's' as they will be taken and retained by Transport SA.

You must complete at least 75 hours (including 15 hours at night) of supervised driving, hold a learners permit for at
least 12 months, pass a Hazard Perception Test (HPT) and obtain a 'Certificate of Competency' from an Authorised
Examiner before you can apply for a P1 Provisional Licence. You can practice the the HPT on-line at .
There is a fee to complete the HPT at a Transport SA office to get your Ps, but it is
free to practice on-line. If you are
attending a busy city Customer Service Centre to get your Ps, it is recommended that you book first.

There are two stages of a Provisional Licence - P1 and P2.  You will hold a Provisional Licence (P1 and P2) for at least
three years. This will consist of one year on P1 and two years on P2, provided you do not commit a driving offence
incurring a demerit point.

More information about P1's is available by clicking '


Practice the Hazard Perception Test

Full Licence

After holding the Provisional Licence (P1 and P2) for 3 years (with a minimum of 12 months on P1), and reaching
the minimum age of 19 without committing a driving offence - you may apply for a Full Licence!